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BAFX Hiking Poles

If you’re ready to take your hiking experience to the next level and need something to offer you stability and support as you tackle the tough terrains, this pair of BAFX Hiking Poles could be the solution you’re looking for. Incorporating quality hiking poles into your trek will allow you to cross streams, climb mountains, and keep a steady foot on just about any trail.

Made with durable and lightweight aluminum, the BAFX Hiking Poles are easy to transport without losing stability. These poles come equipped with carbide tips and an additional four rubber tips to get you started, and each pole also has its very own mud basket that allows you to hike easily through snow, mud, and soft surfaces.

Designed For Absolute Comfort

When you’re trekking through the wilderness you want to improve your comfort levels as much as possible, and the BAFX Hiking Poles can let you do just that. Packed full of design features that increase your comfort and convenience in the outdoors, these poles have everything covered.

Our Rating

The poles extend from approximately 26.5 inches to 53 inches to suit any height requirement, and with anti-shock springs built into the design they’re ideal for creating stability. The comfortable grips have been ergonomically designed to feature ribs which allow for less slippage with wet and sweaty hands, so they work in all conditions.

A Good Pair of Poles For Beginners

If you’ve never hiked with poles before and want to give it a try, you can’t go wrong with the BAFX Hiking Poles for just over $20. They’ve been ergonomically designed to improve comfort so they’re great for those getting used to hiking with poles.

  • As they’re made from lightweight aluminum they’re extremely light to carry, and would suit those who prefer to pack less for their hike. When you’re not using them you can loop them through your backpack and you’ll barely feel their weight.
  • Improved Comfort for reasonable price
  • The quality of these poles is lacking somewhat, and while they would be an affordable pair for someone wanting to test out hiking poles for mid-level hikes, seasoned professionals should probably stick to something a little more durable. The compasses on them are really for novelty use only, as they don’t appear to work correctly.


BAFX have created a reliable pair of hiking poles for the beginner here, and priced at just over $20 there’s no reason not to give them a go. They’re strong and sturdy but not really built to last the test of time over the years, so more serious hikers should invest in a higher quality pair.

The best part about these poles is the comfort, and with the wrist strap and padding you won’t become irritated using this product like you do with some others. The anti-shock springs make it ideal for rocky terrain and they really help you get a steady foot on those uneven trails.

For beginner hikers looking for a reliable starting pair of poles, you can’t go past the BAFX Hiking Poles. To purchase a pair for yourself and see the difference it makes to your hike, click here.