Hiking Apps For Hiking

Best Hiking Trails App For Your Next Adventure

It seems these days there’s an app available for just about everything, and hiking is no exception. Using a hiking trails app may seem counterintuitive to the whole outdoors experience, but these apps can not only improve the enjoyment level of your journey but also add an element of safety.

Whether you’re looking for something to track your own progress and achievements, or find the best and most challenging trails around your area, technology has you covered. Here are our top picks for the best hiking trails apps for your smartphone or device.

Best Hiking GPS App For Social Use

Being social is the aim of most modern apps these days, and now you can share your hikes with the World Wide Web. The Yonder app is an outdoor adventure app designed to share your adventures and achievements with others, adding a social element to hiking like never before.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next hike or hoping to give some to others, this app lets you do it all. You can upload pictures and maps of recent adventures in hiking, bird watching, biking, camping, climbing, and more, with a community that shares your explorer’s spirit and even link it to your other social media accounts.

Best Hiking Trail App

As the number one outdoor adventure app on iTunes, it’s no surprise that All Trails is the top pick for the best app for hiking trails. This app features an astonishing 50,000+ hikes and trails around North America for the most comprehensive list of adventures you could ever need.

There are some great filters such as kid friendly, dog friendly, and wheelchair friendly, so you can find the right track for you every time. If you’ve found a trail that you particularly enjoyed, save it in your favorites so you can return any time and relive the adventure.

This app also has some great additional features such as activity tracker, GPS navigation system, and the ability to upload your recent journeys so you can share them with friend and family. For an all-inclusive hiking trail app, All Trails is the way to go.

Best Hiking App For Fun

For a truly fun twist on your average weekend hike, the best app to try is Geocaching. Geocaching is just like a modern treasure hunt that you take along on your hike, with a range of tokens and surprise left behind from other participants.

Over 135 Countries

With millions of geocaching scattered throughout the world in over 135 different countries, this app can be used by people everywhere. This app is great for beginners with a range of helpful tips to get started, but can also be enjoyed by the more serious treasure hunter with increasingly difficult geocaches to find as your progress.

If you’re looking for a way to get fit but find yourself getting bored just with hiking on its own, test out the Geocaching app for yourself. You’ll forget that you’re exercising as you get lost in the fun world of treasure hunting.

Best Hiking App For Wildlife Watchers

For those who like to appreciate nature while they hike, Project Noah is one of the most amazing apps you can experience. Voted as the best hiking GPS app for nature lovers, Project Noah lets you document all of your wildlife encounters on a hike and keep them for your own records or to share with others.

The Field Missions section of this app lets you take your love for nature one step further and contribute to a worthwhile cause. This part of the app allows labs and organizations to appeal for data from hikers to help them collect information in the field.

For something a little less serious, you can take photos of the birds and other animals you encounter and upload them to the community or share them on your social media pages. This app is great for kids and adults alike, and will certainly stir an interest in nature among even the most amateur wildlife watcher.

Best Hiking Trails App For Feedback

The best GPS app for hiking and tracking your progress is definitely Map My Hike. This app is ideal for hikers who want to keep an eye on their achievements and try to improve their skills levels each time.

Map My Hike will give you detailed feedback on your route, as well as the distance travelled, average pace, calories burned, and more. This app is ideal for those who like to track their workouts, with detailed reports on just about every aspect. You’ll be given a heart rate analysis, audio coaching, and recommendations for your next route as well.

Mobile App

For a bit of fun, you can even compete with others on their times completing popular trails so it’s great for those with a competitive edge too. Map My Hike is for the serious adventurer who enjoys a bit of a challenge.

The Wonders of Hiking And Modern Technology

Smartphones and navigation devices have brought a whole new twist to the traditional hike, and with such a great range of apps available, there’s likely to be an increase in hiking with younger generations.

While it’s still great to rely on a trusty traditional compass on your hike, these apps add a touch of convenience and fun to your weekend hike. Whether you’re looking to improve your own progress or share in your accomplishments with others, there’s a great hiking trails app available.

Not only are these apps great for injecting a bit of fun and adventure to your journey, but they can keep you safe while you venture out too. Without our reliable GPS systems, there would likely be many more lost hikers out there in the wilderness, so never take this amazing technology for granted.