2 Person Tent By Coleman

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Dome Tent

If you’re looking for an affordable tent that can comfortably fit two but don’t want to break the bank, the Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent has you sorted. With the trusted Coleman name behind it, you can be sure you’re getting quality and coverage with this tent.

With two windows featured and a 7 x 5-foot print, you can be sure you’re getting as much space as possible for a two person tent and adequate natural sunlight and ventilation. What better way to experience nature than with the fresh air and sounds of the wilderness as you relax in comfort and security.

Full of Convenient Features

Coleman has truly thought of everything when designing this two person dome tent, with a range of features that add the creature comforts of home. The large door and hooded fly makes for an easy entrance and exit, so you’re not creating any disturbance.

Coleman Tent Interior

Our Rating

For natural air and light, the roof features mesh vents, with a bathtub style polyethylene floor that offers durability and comfort. There are a handy interior storage pocket and zipper to allow for an electrical access port, giving you the chance to keep your important appliances close by.

Comfortable But Not Long Lasting

The best advantage of this tent is its waterproof abilities, so if you regularly camp or hike in wet conditions it’s nice to have the extra coverage. With over 33% more water resistance than other tents, it’s the smartest choice you can make.

33 %
More Water Resistance

The main downfall with the Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent is with its structural quality. While it is relatively cheap for this size tent at just under $50, the warranty offered is only a year. For serious campers, you may not get as much use out of this as you would like.

The Verdict

While it’s advertised as a two person tent, to get the most comfort out of this tent it would best suit one adult. This way you can store your supplies inside and ensure you have adequate space. However, that being said, two adults could easily fit in the tent with adequate room so it depends on how lightly you want to pack.

  • Hanging hook for a LED light
  • Storage Comparments
  • Mesh Vents

This tent is full of nice features that make it a dream to sleep in. A hanging hook for a LED light, storage compartments for all of your things, and the mesh vents that allow for a fresh breeze to come through.

Tent For Two

Don’t purchase this tent and expect it to give you 20 years of life, though, as it’s mainly suited to those who camp every now and then. If you’re an expert hiker who spends weeks or months in the wilderness each year, you’ll want something a little more structurally sound with a better warranty.

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