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Elite Lightweight First Aid Kit

To travel with safety wherever you go, you need a reliable first aid kit that’s thought of it all. The Elite Lightweight First Aid Kit is packed full of the essentials in a lightweight and convenient package. This is one of the only first aid kits with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure of its quality before you’ve even had to use it.

Whether you’re an avid hiker, camper, or just like to have the necessary first aid supplies on hand at all times, this kit has everything to keep you covered. With 105 pieces contained, it also has ample space for you to add your own equipment if there’s something extra you feel you might need.

Bag of First Aid Supplies

Lots of Features For the Outdoor Adventurer

While this Elite Lightweight First Aid Kit is useful whether you’re at home or out and about, there’s no denying the extra convenience is gives to those on the move. This kit has a few unique features that make it perfect for the avid hiker:

  • Completely waterproof for all weather situations
  • Extremely lightweight at less than a pound, ideal for packing light

Our Rating

  • A hard shell case so the items are always protected
  • A handy first aid book to keep on hand if you ever need a reference

The Elite Lightweight First Aid Kit has it all, and in a bright and friendly case, you’ll never lose track of it. Don’t leave home without having your safety covered, and do it in style with the Elite First Aid Kit.

Decent Overall Kit With Some Improvements

Although it can be quite hard to find a decent first aid kit with just the right supplies, the Elite seems to have done it. Overall the kit together is extensive, but there are a couple of items such as the tweezers which could have been better quality.

Priced at just under $18, it’s exceptional value for money, so the main advantage here is the durable casing and other supplies within. If tweezers are a concern, you could always replace this pair with your own and add in any extra items you might like to use.

All in One First Aid

Editor’s Recommendations

If you’re looking for a solid first aid kit that will provide you with reliable supplies and a lifetime guarantee, look no further than this one. The Elite Lightweight First Aid Kit weighs just under a pound, making it the perfect addition to an ultralight camper’s backpack or for anyone to enjoy.

100 Tools and Pieces

Having one of these kits around the home, office, workplace, and to take along on hikes and camping trips gives you peace of mind that you’ve got quality healthcare on hand at all times.

With over 100 pieces of medical tools and supplies and room to add more as you wish, you can completely personalize this kit to suit your needs. To purchase your Elite Lightweight First Aid Kit today, click here.