Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki

If you enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors but the thought of freeze dried and tasteless food is putting you off, worry no more. Mountain House is one of the most trusted names in adventure food that provide you with nutritious and delicious pre-packaged meals for when you need them most.

Whether you’re camping or hiking, planning a long fishing trip, or just want something prepared in case of emergency, this delicious meal will see you through. This sachet contains tasty chicken strips, bamboo shoots, rice, and an amazing sweet and sour sauce for authentic Asian cuisine flavor.

Simplicity And Convenience

This Chicken Teriyaki by Mountain House couldn’t be easier to prepare, making it the ideal accompaniment to any camping trip. If you’ve been on the trail all day and want something hot and tasty to enjoy each evening without needing to put in too much preparation, this is the meal for you.

Simply add some hot water and in just under 10 minutes you’ll have a meal for two to enjoy with minimal mess to clean up afterward. Mountain House products have been proven to be the longest lasting in the survival food industry, so there’s no need to worry about freshness with this Chicken Teriyaki meal.

Expensive But Full of Flavor

When compared to other freeze dried and survival food products, the Mountain House products are notoriously more expensive. This Chicken Teriyaki is just under $8 and will serve one person comfortably, although the package states it has two servings within.

The upside with paying this price is that you’re getting the quality synonymous with the Mountain House name, and this sachet is packed so full of flavor that you’ll forget you’re eating survival food. Considering it takes less than 10 minutes to prepared you’re also paying for convenience, so you’ll need to weigh up both sides.

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Final Verdict

As far as survival food goes, Mountain House really does appear to be the leader in the market. With the longest shelf life of their competitors and suppliers to the armed forces, you know that you’re getting absolute quality.

Enjoy Teriyaki Even on Hiking

Our Rating

This chicken Teriyaki may seem a little pricey at just under $8, but if you stick to the recommended serving suggestions it’s quite good value. When you compare it to other freeze dried options, the flavor is actually very enjoyable. Served hot, it can be just what you need to give you comfort after a long day hiking.

10 Minutes

The best part about these types of meals is that you can prepare them easily, in this case just 10 minutes in hot water, and then dispose of the trash without any fuss. They’re ideal for ultralight camping too thanks to their vacuum sealed packaging and light weight. To try the Mountain House Teriyaki Chicken for yourself and see the difference, click here to purchase.