Cooking With Petforu Mini Stove

Petforu Portable Mini Camp Stove

If you enjoy an adventure in the outdoors but like to travel light, you might usually have to sacrifice the comforts of home such as a hot meal. No longer is this a problem with the Petforu Portable Mini Camp Stove that provides a lightweight and portable way to cook your food.

This lightweight camp stove is made from an extremely durable material with non-toxic anodized aluminum. With FDA approval and a resistance to high temperatures, you can feel safe in your choice with the Petforu Portable Mini Camp Stove. This set includes a non-stick pan bowl set and canister stove so there’s no need to bring anything else along.

Lightweight And Portable For Absolute Convenience

This set from Petforu features compact and collapsible items with folding handles so it’s easy enough to take wherever you go. For just under a pound of weight, you’ll be able to have fresh and hot meals as you camp and bring the creature comforts of home with you.

Another major upside, especially for the ultralight enthusiast, is just how little this entire system weighs. At around 13 ounces, you’ll barely notice it attached to your backpack but it will bring you much needed comfort by providing you with hot food on your trip.

Our Rating

Best of all, this portable cooking equipment leaves no trace behind and burns clean without any sort or debris. For the ultimate in portable cooking equipment, the Petforu Portable Mini Ultralight Canister Camp Stove has it all.

An Efficient Product With Some Minor Inconsistency

Priced at just over $20, you might have a hard time finding a product that can suit the size and quality of this stove. The gas consumption is extremely efficiency so it doesn’t cost much to run, and once you purchase this stove it comes with a two-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Without a heat diffusing system attached, you may find that the heat distribution can be a little uneven at times. If you’re cooking multiple items or something large, ensure you move them around so they can receive adequate heat supply.

Final Verdict

If you’re a camper who knows the value of a hot, fresh meal each night, you’ll be amazed at just how much this little device can improve your entire hiking trip. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry, so you’re not sacrificing anything by bringing it along.

Both the canister stove and non-stick pan weight under a pound together, and considering it can bring you at least two years of use for under $20 there’s really no reason not to invest in one. Although it can take a little practice getting the heat distribution just right, it’s a small price to pay for the comfort and convenience it brings.

Overall, the Perforu Portable Mini Ultralight Canister Camp Stove comes highly recommended no matter the style of camping you prefer. To purchase your set and increase your comfort levels on a hike, click here.