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Professional Multifunction Military Sighting Waterproof Compass

For the adventurer who likes to do things old school and rely on traditional methods of getting around, you’ll likely shy away from fancy GPS devices. For hundreds of years, explorers have relied on compasses to get them from point A to point B, and they remain the only reliable way to get your bearings.

This Professional Multifunction Military Sighting Waterproof Compass has the basics that you need to keep track of your location when you’re out on a hike, whether it’s a shorter weekend trail or something more long distance.

Quality And Convenience in The One Device

This multifunction compass is the ideal companion for your next hiking trip, designed with simplicity and durability in mind. The compass is made of metal and glass, and is waterproof and shake proof so it’s great for all weather conditions and terrains.

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At night, the luminous display lights up allowing you access for viewing anytime you need it. At roughly 2.5 inches long, it’s compact enough to keep in your pocket so you’ll barely notice you have it until it comes time to use it.

The Professional Multifunction Military Sighting Waterproof Compass has all the basics you need to make it home safely, without the unreliability of a battery operated device.

A Little Heavy But Durable And Affordable

As this compass is encased in steel, it does weigh a little more than you might expect. At roughly half a pound for such a small device, you might be shocked at the weight on first use. However, this steel casing only serves to improve its durability so provided you can stand the extra weight, it’s well worth it.

For only $20, this is certainly one of the cheaper and better made compasses on the market. Finding a military grade compass of comparable strength and durability will be near impossible to do, so the main advantage is certainly the price. For this low cost, most hikers might even like to purchase two and have one on standby for just in case.

Editor’s Recommendations

As many people now stick to modern navigation devices such as GPS trackers, it’s nice to know that a quality compass such as this can offer you more durability and reliability for a fraction of the cost. If you’re hesitant to rely on battery operated devices to guide your way, the Professional Multifunction Military Sighting Waterproof Compass is the tool for you.

This compass is extremely heavy for its size, and may put some buyers off, but when you consider its construction consists of metal and glass, and it’s military grading, this can explain some of the weight.

For under $20 it’s an absolute steal, especially when you consider others pay hundreds for electronic devices that fail as soon as the batteries run out. A traditional compass such as this is an affordable and reliable backup system to have, even if you prefer the GPS devices, so it pays to have one on hand at all times. To purchase your military grade waterproof compass, click here.