2 Way Radio

Retevis 2 Way Radio (5 Pack)

For the group hiking enthusiast who wants a reliable and consistent way to stay in communication with their peers, you’ll need a quality two-way radio to rely on. The Retevis 2 Way Radio 5 Pack offers you five superior products that allow you to stay in constant communication with your group or other outsiders.

Never travel in the unknown again and without reliable communication, thanks to the Retevis 2 Way Radio. With 16 memory channels available, there is ample frequency for a group of five to use the radios without any disruption.

Amazing Features For Your Convenience

With five radios, earpieces, antennas, chargers, batteries, chargers, and belt clips, everybody in your group can have a fully equipped communication device for their own peace of mind when hiking.

The Retevis 2 Way Radio has some amazing features that offer reliability and convenience for the hiker, including:

Our Rating

  • Emergency alarm – if you find yourself in danger you can use the emergency alarm to signal that assistance is required.
  • Scanning – the ability to scan other channels to find conversations that are taking place.
  • Time-Out Timer – if a user is occupying the channel too long this timer will go off.
  • LED torch – a backup torch for emergency situations.
  • Busy channel lockout - this feature will prevent transmission if there is another conversation on the same channel.

A Reliable Communication Device With One Small Issue

When considering the price of these radios, the quality and make of the devices are quite good. For just over $80 you get a complete package with five radios as well as all of the other bits and pieces to make them work. They have a one year warranty attached but seem to be able to last a lot longer, signaling just how durable they are.

  • The only problem with the Retevis 2 Way Radio Pack is that the earpieces are a little uncomfortable. If you’re considering wearing them for multiple days at a time, you might want to invest in a higher quality set of earpieces that can be used with this device.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a set of radios that can cater to a large group, whether it’s for hiking, camping, or stage production, the Retevis 2 Way Radio Pack shows exceptional quality for the money. These radios offer more than just a walkie-talkie with nice bonus features such as emergency lighting and alarms.

5 Pieces Radio

Each radio comes with its own charger, batteries, strap, belt clip, charger, and headpieces, so they’re a complete package on their own. If you find the headpiece to be a little uncomfortable you can always swap it for a different brand provided it meets the requirements.

Whether you want to take just two along or have a radio for the entire group, the 16 channels available are more than enough. To grab your pack of 2 Way Radios from Retevis and cover your communication needs outdoors, click here to purchase.