Salomon Men’s Quest Hiking Boot Review

Salomon Men’s Quest Hiking Boot Review

A good pair of hiking boots are hard to come by. Cheaper brands are convenient, but they only last a short period of time. This is a small problem that most hiking aficionados often face. Fortunately, there are hiking boots that are designed to last for years to come.

The Salomon Men’s Quest Hiking Boot is a great example of a hiking boot that’s designed to last. For the small price of about $120, you’ll receive a boot that’s mud resistant and has a sole made for extended trips. We’ll discuss in depth how this boot is a great thing to have when you’re out hiking.

Our main goal is to inform you about the benefits of this boot. Most hiking boots don’t offer the advantages that Salomon makes in their products. By the end of this article, you’ll have enough information and reasoning to see why this boot is the best in the hiking industry.

About The Salomon Men's Quest Hiking Boots

Technical Specs

  • Lace Blocker
  • Mud Resistant Boots
  • ​Made from Nubuck Leather
  • Textile Material


Salomon’s Men’s Quest Hiking Boot are made for all types of hikers. It has an ergonomic tongue that enhances the comfort and grip feature on your feet. No matter the hiking experience, this boot has enough support and functionality to help utilize your hiking efforts.

The stability is one thing consumers like about these boots. Mountain trails such as the Appalachian Trials require strong boots for the user to hike through the path completely and comfortably. Salomon’s boots provide enough ankle support to help you walk extended trails with no issue. Because of this, the stability of this boot is unmatched by the competition.

It does well against water. You can submerge the boot up to the collar and it will remain dry. Buy this product for intensive hiking trips where mud and water are common. These boots can take a beating and will work to keep your feet clean.

Watch out for the toe cover when using this boot. If there are any suspected issues with it, don’t hesitate to call for a replacement.

Overall, it’s one of the best hiking boots in the market. The Salomon’s Men’s Quest Hiking Boot offers stability, protection, and is lightweight enough to comfortably move around in. Get this product if you are ready to utilize your hiking trips.

Boot Quality

There are a lot of low quality boots that are available on the market. They don’t really help the user because they are prone to break within a manner of weeks. You need to check the quality of the boots before buying to avoid disappointment.

To check the quality, look at the exterior of the boot first. If the leather is made of thick material, chances are it’s a high-quality boot. When looking at the interior you’ll want to see if the bottom sole is comfortable enough to support your feet.


Salomon creates their hiking boots with functionality in mind. Their Quest 2 model is no different. When using these boots, you’ll notice an extended amount of comfort on your feet. Ultimately, get this product if you want to utilize your hiking trips.

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