Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter

If you’ve ever been stuck in the wilderness trying to start a fire and wished there was an easier way, the Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter might be the answer you’re looking for. Take the hard work out of starting your campfire and keep yourself protected in an emergency with this revolutionary product that might just save your life one day.

This amazing fire starter will strike up to 15,000 times to get your flames burning, so it’s a durable and long lasting product. At just 5.5 inches long, the Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter is compact, convenient, and ideal for all weather conditions, from the wind to rain, so it’s an item the avid camper should never be without it.

More Than Just a Firestarter

Although the fire starter abilities of this device are enough to set it apart, there are also other useful functions available. The Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter also comes equipped with a compass so it’s great for any outdoor adventure and keeping track of your bearings.

  • Compass
  • Lanyard and 150 db Whistle attached

For emergency situations that require assistance, this device also has a lanyard and whistle attached. Never again will you go unheard when you need help the most, giving you a thorough survival kit with three of the essential camping items you need in the one handy product.

Features of Firestarter

Although this product is marketed as a multi-tool, it’s really mainly good for the fire starting capabilities. The compass appears to work just fine, but the whistle can’t get a lot of range and would be useless in long distances.

Our Rating

However, when using the Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter for its main intended purpose you won’t be disappointed. Each time it took less than five minutes to start a fire, even in heavy wind and rain, and with over 15,000 sparks included it will last you for years to come.

Editor’s Recommendations

Finding a quality fire starter that will last you for years might come with a hefty price tag usually, but the Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter is only $9 to purchase. Considering just how much use you will get out of this for bonfires, campfires, and emergency heating needs, everyone can afford to invest in one.

At only 5.5 inches it can slide easily into any size backpack, and at such a cheap price you could even purchase one to keep around the house too. If you’re looking for a multi-tool product then this might not be right for you, as the other devices included aren’t nearly as impressive as its fire starting abilities.

Overall, when purchased as a fire starter tool this product is well worth the affordable cost and it will bring you years of fire when you need it most. To get your fires started in under five minutes every time, no matter the weather, purchase the Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter here.