Tactical Folding Knife With Half-Serrated Blade

TACC Force TF-705BK Series Knife

Whether you need a blade on hand to help around the home or something to carry along on your weekend hiking trips, you want something reliable and durable that’s going to get the job done. The TACC Force TK-705BK Series Knife is just that and more, with unique extra features including a bottle opener and glass breaker to help you in an emergency.

This tactical folding knife features a 3 ¼ inch, 3mm thick blade with a half serrated edge to help you cut through the tough stuff. Whether you want to store it safely in your backpack or carry it on your person with its handy pocket clip, your knife will never be far away.

Safety And Stability With Your Knife

If you’re looking for a knife with a one-hand deployment, this is the tool for you. The spring-assisted folding knife allows you to get your blade when you need it quickly while offering the safety of a liner lock to keep it in place one it’s deployed.

Great Looking Folding Knife

Our Rating

For the avid camper or hiker who needs a quality blade that won’t take up too much space, the TACC Force TF-705BK Series Knife has you covered. With stability, safety, and reliability, it has everything you could ever ask for at an affordable price.

The Pros And Cons

The major advantage of this knife is how durable and strong it feels straight out of the box. For those who take their knives camping or hiking, you want to know you can rely on a sturdy blade to cut through a range of materials. With a 3mm thickness and serrated edge, it’s versatile enough for almost anything you need it for.

  • Bottle Opener
  • Glass Breaker

It’s hard to pinpoint too many disadvantages for this knife when you consider its low price of $9 it was never intended to be of the absolute highest quality. The sharpness could be improved a bit, and to use the bottle opener you need to have the knife opener which can be extremely dangerous, especially after consuming alcohol.

Final Verdict

Finding a quality knife that will stand the test of time normally means shelling out for something expensive, but the TACC Force TF-705BK Series Knife offers you all of this and more for under $10. Not only are you getting a great blade with a half serrated edge, you also have access to a bottle opener and glass breaker in case you’re ever stuck and need to break through a window.

The blade might not be as strong as you’d like out of the box, and you can’t operate the bottle opener without having it deployed, but these are minor inconveniences when you consider the quality and multipurpose use this knife will bring.

Be cautious, though, that because this knife is spring assisted, it may not be legal in all states. Check your local restrictions on knife types before purchasing to ensure you can use it legally. To get the instant reliability and convenience of the TACC Force TF-705BK Series Knife, click here to purchase.