Timberland's Men's Hiking Boot Review

Timberland’s Men’s Hiking Boot Review

Hiking is a pastime that's enjoyed by over 12 million people worldwide. It allows us to understand and respect our natural surroundings while seeing the beautiful resources that nature has to offer. That's why it's essential to have a good pair of hiking boots before embarking on your next adventure.

The Timberland's Men's Hiking Boot is an excellent pair of boots to take to your hiking excursions. They are inexpensive, being only priced at around $85. Because of this, these boots provide a lot of utility despite its low advertised price.

We'll give you a brief rundown about how this pair of hiking boots can work for you. Through the article, we'll give you information through some verified resources to zero in on the benefits this boot has to offer. By the end of this article, you'll have enough confidence to know if these hiking boots will be an excellent choice for you.


Technical Specs

  • Synthetic Made Sole
  • 1" Heel
  • ​Textile & Leather Boot
  • Weather Proof Leather for Water Resistance
  • Gore-Tex Membrane for added protection


Introducing the Timberland's Men's Hiking Boot. It's a mid-sized boot making it good for general usage. Also, it's great for hiking because it has weather proof leather materials that protect it from the rain. Get this product if you need a sturdy pair of boots to wear during your hiking adventures.

One thing that stands the Timberland Hiking Boots apart from the competition is its Gore-Tex Membrane. This makes the boot lightweight enough to be comfortably used, but sturdy enough to handle long mountain trips. The membrane helps the user when walking for an extended period and is recommended if you need a boot that can last for a long period.

Try to use these boots in light rain/damp areas. Consumers felt water start to ride up on their feet after being exposed to the rain for over an hour.

Still, we think the Timberland Men Hiking Boot is a great entry level boot for all hiking enthusiasts. It's lightweight, durable, and remains comfortable on your feet. Buy a pair if you plan on going out on light hiking excursions.

Buying Advice

Some things to check before you buy...

Plan Your Hiking Trip

You need to decide what type of hiking trip you're going on before buying a pair of boots. Is it going to be filled with intense mountain climbing? Or will you just be doing light traveling throughout a paved path? The Timberland's Men Hiking Boot is great for almost any hiking occasions, and you should consider using them the next time you are out in the woods.

Check Your Soles

The sole is the most important thing to consider when buying a hiking boot. When hiking, you need a sole that's comfortable enough for you to wear; while also being durable enough to handle the harsh weather that's bound to happen while hiking.

Luckily, the Timberland's Men Hiking Boot has a reinforced sole that protects your feet. It works with the leather to ensure your feet remain stable and grounded when hiking. You'll want to get this product if you need soles that offer a bit of stability when out on hiking trips.


To conclude, we believe that the Timberlands Men's Hiking Boots are a one of a kind. They protect your feet and are sturdy. Also, they can be used in areas where there is light rain present. Ultimately, buy this product if you need to enhance your hiking experience.

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